Nov 21

All sexual assault offences are serious. You can be sentenced to jail, be subject to a s. 161 order which restricts your freedoms and you may have to register yourself on the Sex Offender Registry. Beyond the punishment you may receive from the criminal courts, the personal and professional impacts of an allegation and/or conviction of a sexual charge can be devastating.

Should I Hire a Sexual Assault Lawyer?

Yes. An experienced sexual assault lawyer can maximize your prospects of an acquittal. Over the years, sexual assault prosecutions have become complex since pre-trial motions are required to properly present your defence.

If you are facing sexual assault related charges, you should contact a lawyer immediately. Since most sexual assault cases are between people known to each other, there will often be text messages, social media posts, and other evidence to preserve. If you already have these materials saved, bring them with you to your consultation with your lawyer so they can review them.

How Will a Lawyer Defend Me?

Building your defence throughout your case is one of the most important things a lawyer can do. To build a proper defence, the lawyer may need to subpoena witnesses, review the evidence you have, or question the complainant or other witnesses during a preliminary hearing. Sexual assault charges are diverse and complicated, so you will need a defence that is tailored to your case.

Can I Represent Myself at Trial?

In Canada, you have the right to represent yourself at trial. However, in a sexual assault case that may be constrained since you may have a lawyer appointed by the Court to cross-examine specific witnesses, but it is still your defence to conduct.

Although it is your right to defend yourself, it is not recommended. A sexual assault conviction will greatly impact your future. An experienced Toronto Sexual Assault lawyer will give you the best chance at an acquittal. This is done by properly cross-examining witnesses, building a proper defence, and leading your defence in accordance with the law.

Hiring a Toronto Sexual Assault Lawyer

The lawyers of Lockyer Zaduk Zeeh are experienced at representing people charged with sexual offences and have a track record of securing favourable results. From day one, we work with our clients to build a defence by working closely with you.

If you are charged with a sexual assault charge, contact us at 416-613-0416 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case, the potential implications, and the next steps you should take.