Nov 21

When you are charged with a criminal offence, a plea deal is sometimes a tempting offer. An early guilty plea offer for impaired driving charges can also be tempting since entering stream A will allow you to have your driver’s licence (you are eligible for stream A if you enter a guilty plea within 90 days of your arrest date).

Why you Should not Plead Guilty to a DUI

When you enter a guilty plea to impaired driving or an excess blood alcohol charge, you will have a criminal record and your driver’s licence will be suspended. These are substantial consequences and will have lasting effects on your life. There are several other important consequences to consider:

Insurance Premiums: A DUI on your record will increase your insurance premiums. Having impaired driving offences on your record increases your risk in their assessment and will result in significant increases that will remain for years.

Travel: Any criminal record will have an impact on your ability to travel to the United States. Although a DUI does not automatically make you inadmissible to travel to the United States, it will complicate your travel plans and your entry may be rejected.

Job Prospects: A criminal record will have impact on job prospects. When you are applying for a job, if you are asked, you will need to disclose that you have a criminal record. Some jobs may require a background check, and a DUI will show up during this check.

Professional Jobs: Some jobs may require you to have no criminal record. One example would be professional bodies which regulate entry into the profession and people who are members of the professional body. For example, the Law Society of Ontario will no longer consider you of good character if you have a criminal record. The Applicant would need to convince the LSO that they are a person of good character despite having a criminal record.

Should I Consult with a Lawyer about my Charges?

An experienced lawyer can review your case, discuss potential defences, and advise you of the consequences of a guilty plea. Before entering a guilty plea, it is important to know all the facts and consequences since a guilty plea is rarely rescinded.

Impaired driving charges can carry serious consequences, so it is important to make sure you receive the best legal representation possible. If you have been charged with impaired driving, contact a criminal lawyer right away. They can advise you on your options and help you build the strongest defence possible. Contact the Toronto Impaired Driving Lawyers at Lockyer Zaduk Zeeh at 416-613-0416 to schedule a consultation.