Apr 09

An ankle monitor, also known as an electronic monitoring device, is a device worn on the ankle that allows for remote monitoring of an individual’s movements. Electronic monitoring can be a condition of bail, probation, or parole to ensure that the individual complies with court-ordered restrictions on their movements.

The device works by transmitting a signal to a monitoring center, which tracks the individual’s location and movements. If the individual violates the terms of their release, such as by leaving a designated area, an alarm will be triggered, and the authorities will be notified. Ankle monitors have been used increasingly in recent years to monitor individuals who are under house arrest or other forms of community supervision.

In Ontario, Recovery Science operates the GPS Monitoring Program for Ontario’s Ministry of the Solicitor General. This is a free program to monitor people while on bail, conditional sentence, or parole.

Will an Ankle Monitor Help with my Bail?

Proposing the use of an ankle monitor may help to secure your release on bail since it can address concerns on bail, such as a flight risk. By using electronic monitoring, the police can monitor an individual’s movements and location in real-time, which can provide an added layer of security and accountability.

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