Apr 10

When a person on bail fails to comply with the conditions set by the court, this is known as a breach of bail. The consequences of breaching bail can be severe and may include:

  • Arrested: If a person breaches their bail conditions, the police may arrest them and bring them back before the court.
  • Additional charges: Breaching bail conditions may result in additional charges being brought against the accused person, such as disobey court order or failure to comply.
  • Revocation of bail: your surety may revoke their bail if you do not follow your bail conditions. A surety is allowed to revoke their bail at any time without having to provide a reason.
  • Forfeiture of bail money: If a person has posted bail, their bail money may be forfeited to the court if they breach their bail conditions. The accused may also lose their bail money.
  • Difficulty obtaining bail in the future: Past performance is one of the most helpful factors on bail. If you have been on bail and successful completed bail without issue that will help with future bail hearings, but if you have breached your bail in the past, it will make getting released on bail more difficult.

In summary, breaching bail can have serious consequences, including arrest, additional charges, revocation of bail, forfeiture of bail money, and difficulty obtaining bail in the future. It is important for individuals on bail to comply with the conditions set by the court to avoid these consequences.

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