Dec 09

It is common to know someone in your life that has been charged and convicted of a DUI charge. This can include DUI, impaired by drugs, or ‘over 80’ driving offences. Although, people convicted of DUIs are typically not considered ‘criminals’, DUI convictions result in a criminal record, the mandatory minimum fine, and a driver’s license suspension. This sentence, and the corresponding damage to your reputation can have long lasting consequences on your life.

There is only one way to remove the conviction from a criminal record: a “record suspension” (formerly known as a “pardon”). Obtaining a record suspension is a lengthy process. If you have a DUI conviction, you must wait 5-10 years before you can even apply for one to the Parole Board of Canada. As part of the application, you must demonstrate that you have been “of good conduct” and that you have not been convicted of any further offences.

A DUI conviction is a serious matter that can affect your life and reputation for many years. If you have been charged with a DUI, contact the Toronto DUI lawyers of Lockyer Zaduk Zeeh. We can explain the court process to you, help you understand your case, discuss possible defences, and work with you to maximize your chances of securing an acquittal so you can avoid a criminal record, a driver’s license suspension, and the corresponding negative impact on your life.