Oct 26

What Happens if I Breach my Parole?

When an individual is granted parole, they are required to follow the conditions of their release. Some conditions are standard for all inmates on parole, but other conditions may be imposed to address an inmate’s particular risk factors.

If you breach one of your release conditions, your parole may be suspended. That means you will be returned into custody and held for a post-suspension hearing before the relevant parole board, who will decide to either a) cancel the suspension and release the inmate back on parole; or b) revoke the inmate’s parole.

Revocation means the inmate will be re-incarcerated until they reapply for parole, reach their statutory release date (for federal prisoners) or earned remission discharge date (for provincial prisoners), or the end of their sentence.

If the breach is accompanied by new criminal charges, in addition to a cancellation of your suspension, you will need to get bail for your new charges. This bail hearing would run as a normal bail hearing, likely requiring you to have sureties and to offer a strict plan of release.

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