Mar 10

Toronto Bail Lawyers

We are experienced Toronto bail lawyers. Bail is a fundamental right to all, and an important part of criminal procedure. Lockyer Zaduk Zeeh will work closely with you and your sureties to ensure you have the best chance of release pending your trial or appeal.

If you need an experienced lawyer to represent you at your bail hearing, bail review, bail pending appeal, or bail pending leave to appeal, call us at (416) 613-0416 or (416) 595-9500 or email us at for a free consultation.


Toronto Bail Court

All Ontario Court of Justice (OCJ) courts in Toronto will be amalgamating into one mega courthouse, located at 10 Armoury Street in the downtown core. All trial matters in the Toronto OCJ will be heard at this location going forward. Bails, however, will be held in a different building. All Toronto OCJ bail hearings will take place at 2201 Finch Avenue West (Toronto West). 2201 Finch will also house weekend bail (WASH) court, youth bail hearings, special bail hearings, drug offence bail hearings, and female bail hearings.

From an access to justice perspective, there are some positive impacts about having a courthouse dedicated to only bail hearings. First, it removes any confusion surrounding the location of one’s bail hearing when arrested in Toronto. Previously, where your bail hearing was held depended not only on location, but also whether the offences were federal, and whether the arose from the Youth Criminal Justice Act. As well, bail hearings for female / female-identifying accused persons were held in a location separate from other bail hearings. Second, a bail hearing-only courthouse will have resources available that in turn could maximize the number of hearings that can be conducted in Toronto each day. Bail courts are among the busiest in Toronto, so the ability to house more hearings at once should minimize delay for accused persons in-custody.