Sep 11

Lockyer Zaduk Zeeh have skilled and experienced Kingston DUI lawyers that have built a reputation for securing favourable results for our clients. If you or a loved one is charged with a driving-related offence, please call our Kingston DUI lawyers at 416-613-0416 for a consultation.

Being charged with a driving related offence such as impaired driving, excess blood alcohol, or a refusal is an overwhelming position to find yourself in. The criminal justice system is confusing and difficult to navigate on your own. Being arrested for these offences results in vehicle impoundment, licence suspension, and having to attend court as well as a police station to submit a fingerprint sample. These are serious events to go through, but you do not need to handle them alone. Let us help you.

We work tirelessly to secure the withdrawal of our client’s charges, to secure careless driving resolutions (Highway Traffic Act), or favourable results through a trial. Our lawyers understand the possibility of a criminal record and a suspension of your driver’s license is extremely stressful, and we work with you to give you peace of mind.