Dec 16

When you are charged with a criminal offence, you will need to be on some form of release. This may be a promise to appear, an appearance notice, your own recognize, or a release order. The first two options can occur at the roadside or in a police station, while the other two will require you to attend bail court.

How Will I Know if I Need Bail?

The police have discretion whether to release you from the police station without requiring a bail hearing. The police will evaluate all the circumstances when deciding whether to hold someone for bail. Here are a few factors they will consider:

  • they need to establish the accused person’s identity;
  • they fear the accused will destroy evidence relating to their investigation;
  • they fear the accused will continue or repeat the offence or commit other criminal offences; and
  • they have reasonable grounds to believe the accused will not show up for court.

If the police hold any of these concerns, they will likely hold the accused person for a bail hearing instead of releasing them from the police station.

Will I Get Bail?

Knowing you will be charged with a criminal offence is frightening, but the situation is much worse if you do not know if you will be released on bail. Contact the experienced Toronto bail hearing lawyers at Lockyer Zaduk Zeeh. If the police want you to surrender, contact us so we can speak with the officer in charge to work out a release.

Our Toronto bail hearing lawyers are experienced at communicating with the police and Crown to secure release of our clients on favourable conditions. We understand the importance of freedom and advocate for our client’s release at the earliest possible point. Please give us a call at 416-613-0416 or on our arrest line at 416-613-8764 so we can help you with your surrender and your release.