Nov 29

Being falsely accused of a criminal offence is a stressful situation to find yourself in. The concern is even more serious when the false allegation is a sexual assault charge. Being convicted of a sexual assault typically involves a jail sentence, a SOIRA order, and possibly a section 161 order. However, the concern goes well beyond the Court’s potential sentence, since an allegation and possible conviction of sexual assault can have devastating impacts on your family, your personal life, and professional reputation.

Should I Hire a Lawyer if I did Nothing Wrong?

The Canadian Criminal Justice System is not infallible. Innocent people have been convicted and sentenced to substantial jail time for crimes they did not commit.

Not only will hiring a lawyer help you navigate the Criminal Justice System, but your lawyer will also help you build your defence, and they will help represent you at your trial. Representing yourself, even if you are innocent, will not be in your best interest. To be charged, the police believe and rely on the complainant’s statement. If your matter has made it to trial, the Crown, who plays the role of a Minister of Justice, must also believe the complainant’s evidence. A lawyer who represents your interest will help you defend yourself against the resources of the state.

How Should I Defend Myself Against my Charge?

Many sexual assault charges involve someone you know, and the trial becomes a “he said/she said.” It is imperative that you preserve all evidence that may be helpful at your trial. This includes pictures, text messages, other social media content, and possible recordings. This may be helpful to rebut the complainant’s allegations, provide evidence of an alternative context, or support your contention that the sexual encounter was consensual.

When you hire an experienced sexual assault lawyer and you meet with your lawyer, bring this evidence to their office. Allow your lawyer to review the materials to determine if they are relevant and whether a section 276 or a section 278 application is required.

Experienced Sexual Assault Lawyers

The lawyers of Lockyer Zaduk Zeeh have been representing people charged with sexual assault allegations since the 1970’s. Lockyer Zaduk Zeeh has built our reputation on being experienced, skillful advocates. We are experienced sexual assault lawyers with a winning track record. LZZ understands the value and importance of a strong defence. We will use our resources and experience to protect your rights and reputation. Please contact us at 416-613-0416 or by e-mail at to schedule a meeting with one of our experienced sexual assault lawyers.