May 08

Is Flight from Police a Criminal Offence?

Yes, fleeing from the police is considered a criminal offence. The act of fleeing or attempting to evade law enforcement officers who are lawfully trying to apprehend or detain an individual is commonly known as flight from police.

Although flight from police is a criminal offence, it is common for the police to lay other relevant criminal charges, such as:

  • Dangerous Operation of a Motor Vehicle: involves situations where a person operates a motor vehicle in a manner that is dangerous to the public while being pursued by a peace officer.
  • Operation While Prohibited: Section 320.18 of the Criminal Code deals with situations where a person, who is prohibited from operating a motor vehicle, drives a vehicle while being pursued by a peace officer.

These offenses are taken seriously, as they jeopardize public safety. If convicted, individuals can face significant penalties, including fines, imprisonment, driver’s licence suspension, and potential restrictions on future driving privileges.

I Have Been Charged with a Driving Offence, What Do I Need to Do?

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