Dec 17

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What is WASH Court?

WASH stands for Weekend and Statutory Holiday. For someone who gets arrested on the weekend or a holiday, it means that, if they are held for bail, they will have an opportunity to get a bail hearing as soon as possible. The Criminal Code at s. 503 requires that someone who is held for bail be brought before a justice “without unreasonable delay” and “where a justice is available,” the outside limit is 24 hours.

If a person is arrested on the weekend anywhere in Toronto, they are taken to the Old City Hall courthouse which handles the entire Toronto Region.  There are similar WASH courts for every jurisdiction including York, Hamilton, Peel, Barrie, etc.

This is particularly important around the holiday season that is coming up where the Court will go for many consecutive days without regular sittings. So even if you are arrested during the Christmas holidays, you can still run a bail hearing in WASH court.