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What is assault?

A person commits assault when he or she, directly or indirectly, applies force to a person, or threatens to apply force to a person without that person’s consent. An assault can occur in many forms. A punch, kick, push, or even a threat to assault someone can constitute an assault.

Are there different levels of assault?

The Criminal Code delineates different forms of assault, such as assault with a weapon, assault causing bodily harm, and aggravated assault. You may be charged with different forms of assault if the complainant suffered an injury from the assault or if a weapon was used in the assault. A weapon can range from something as mundane as a pillow or a shoe, or a knife.

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How do I get my assault charge dropped?

Many individuals that are charged with assault are eligible for a diversion program. This could be through a formal diversion program such as Elizabeth Fry, or through individual upfront work. Completing such work could lead to the withdrawal of your assault charges or a withdrawal after you enter into a peace bond agreement. These options will typically be offered when you have no criminal history (or a limited history), facts with low level of violence and no injuries, or a complainant that does not want to proceed with charges.

If the Crown is unwilling to offer you diversion, you can schedule a trial. There are many potential defences to an assault charge, which include the following: identity; a consensual fight; self defence of yourself, others, or property; or the use of the Charter (such as a section 11(b) application). A successful defence can lead to your acquittal, and you maintaining no criminal record.

What should I do if I am charged with assault?

If you are facing an assault charge, you should contact a criminal defence lawyer. They will explain the court process to you, discuss possible defences available to you, and build your defence. An experienced assault lawyer could be the difference between a criminal record and an acquittal.