Jan 11

The lawyers of Lockyer Zaduk Zeeh are experienced bail lawyers. We place substantial emphasis on our client’s freedom, whether that is during the bail hearing phase or on a bail review. We work with you and your sureties to ensure you have the best chance of release pending your trial.

If you need an experienced lawyer to represent you at your bail hearing, special bail hearing, reverse onus bail hearing, bail review, or bail pending appeal, call us at (416) 613-0416 or (416) 595-9500 or contact us at info@lzzdefence.ca for a consultation.

Can I have Disclosure Before my Bail Hearing?

There is no obligation on the Crown to make full disclosure prior to a bail hearing. You must be provided with the materials that the Crown will rely upon at your hearing, but the Crown has no obligation to provide further disclosure at your bail hearing.

What Options do I have if I want Disclosure?

In serious cases, your lawyer may recommend having disclosure before running a bail hearing. This will take time since the disclosure would be through the normal Crown disclosure process.

Waiting for your disclosure, in some cases, may be in your best interest. Once you have disclosure, the allegations you are facing may appear less serious, or the strength of the Crown’s case may appear much weaker than what is outlined in the brief synopsis. Allowing time to received and review disclosure may allow you to be in a better position during your bail hearing.