May 23

What is Bail Pending Sentence?

Bail pending sentence, also known as pre-sentence bail or post-conviction bail, refers to a situation where an individual is granted bail after being convicted but before they have been sentenced.

The granting of bail pending sentence is usually at the discretion of the court, and it allows the convicted person to remain out of custody until the sentencing hearing. This allows the released individual to attend a counselling, in-patient treatment, or other programs.

The decision to grant bail pending sentence typically takes into consideration various factors, such as the seriousness of the offense, the individual’s criminal history, ties to the community, likelihood of reoffending, and the potential for interference with the administration of justice. The court may impose certain conditions on the bail, such as regular reporting to law enforcement, surrendering travel documents, or refraining from contacting certain individuals.

Milton Bail Lawyers

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